Frequently asked questions

Is My Pass Transferable?

Our pass is non-transferable. It is linked to your name and personal details, if you allow someone else to use your pass, you are subject to removal and forfeit of pass.

Are There Any Benefits To Renewing My Pass?

As we continue to grow and expand our platform into more locations and create more value for our passholders, you don’t have to worry about your pass price going up to the higher price that new passholders will have to pay.

No. We do not renew your pass once you have reached the end of your full year. To renew your Pass, simply purchase a new one.
Being where we don't currently renew passes, no payment information is saved leaving no need to change any card info.
1. Log into MyExperiencePass using your unique log in Code provided at Sign Up. 2. Select View on the Deal you want to redeem. 3. Review the terms and conditions 4. Click "Add to Cart or Free Coupon." If you selected "Free Coupon" you can show the QR code and deal to the venue employee to get the discount. If you selected "Add to Cart" click on "Checkout" then "Checkout" again. You'll then be able to view your deals in the "My Account" tab. After you've selected "My Account" click "Print" and show the deal to the venue employee to get the discount.
Log into your account using your unique code on your phone or computer and it will automatically show you the offers available in your area and throughout the State. Tap on the offer you wish to redeem in order to see the details of the offer. If you want to redeem the deal, go to the venue, go through the redemption process and show the Venue Employee the Deal where they can scan the QR Code, view deal information and give you the discount offered. When visiting the venue, be ready to show some ID if they ask for it!
You Can. As long as you know their "Name and Birthdate" you can purchase a pass for them.
You can use your Pass at any of the venues listed on our site (e.g., you will be able to redeem deals for all venues listed after purchasing your pass regardless of where you currently live). Awesome Right!?
We would recommend that each household purchase one pass. However, review offer details and use best judgement.
If you have forgotten your Password/Code, reach out to us and we will send you a link to reset it.
Your Username will be the email address you used when you created the account and the password will be what you made when the account/pass was created.
This depends on the venue and and how many redemptions they offer. For example, you may be able to use one deal per venue per day until there are no more redemptions left for the venue. When you are out of redemptions, you will have to wait until you renew your pass after having it for 12 months. "See Offer Details" for more information.
All of our Venues have the right to change their offers at any given time. As long as the offer is redeemable on our site and within the guidelines of the venues offer details, you can use the offer.
We try to secure Longtime commitments from our venue partners regarding our deals. Although we anticipate our venues continuing to partner with us, they have the right to leave at any time. We are continuing to work hard to create new partnerships with venues and bring you the best deals and experiences around.